We're all in a race against diabetes

whether we like it or not!


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The Facts:

22 million people in the U.S. have diabetes—but it gets worse—much worse:


More than one in every three babies born in the U.S. today will get diabetes in their lifetime—and now many will get “adult-onset” diabetes as kids!  We can—and must—change that!


Diabetes causes terrible misery—and much too often leads to long, miserable dying.  It can and does cause kidney failure, blindness, amputations, heart disease, neuropathy—and more.  The numbers are frightening—82,000 lower-limb amputations a year in the U.S., 44,000 new cases of kidney failure, 12-22,000 new cases of blindness . . . .  And those numbers will triple or quadruple if we don’t stop the epidemic!


The prevalence of diabetes is increasing at an epidemic rate in the U.S.  Diabetes is the only major disease for which the death rate is rising!


Diabetes hurts everyone, but especially our families —the ones who love us, the ones we love.


Like it or not, we’re all in a race against diabetes—and we’re tired of losing!


  Together we can —and must—stop the epidemic!





The NY Times four-part series on diabetes in NYC was depressing reading, but terrific writing; see it free here:   1, 2, 3, 4).  






1         Kaya and family racing at the track!





Who's Racing Against Diabetes?


  You are!  —Whether you like it or not! 


  And yup, we're in the race too.  —We're RAD co-founders Terry Dutton and Patty Riddle.  We’ve been a team for 36 years, and living with diabetes for a long, long time—44 years in Terry’s case, and, in Patty’s case, 36 years of fighting Terry’s diabetes.  We’re alarmed that no one is shouting from the rooftops that an epidemic of diabetes is on its way—so we’re racing not just to save ourselves, but also to spread the message that “Diabetes is coming!  Diabetes is coming!”  And we're also racing to convince you that we can change the course of the epidemic—and the course of your life!  Join us—form your own family RAD team, or a team of friends, and help each other start "training" (exercising and eating smart) to win the race against diabetes!


                               Your new cheerleaders,

                                   Terry and Patty





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