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You can join the team a lot of ways.  Let’s Race Against Diabetes together!






To get a free I’m Racing Against Diabetes T-shirt, give us your pledge that you will:


·         Form a team

·         Train with your team

·         Wear the shirt!


Click here for the pledge form.  (Sorry, you’ll have to snail-mail it to us!)    


T-shirts are all-cotton, navy blue with white letters.  They sayRAD

Racing Against Diabetes

 Foundation” on the top-left front, and “I’m Racing Against Diabetes” on the back.







As we mention on the left, contributions are good, so we can give away more T-shirts.  We want everyone in the U.S. wearing one!


Like the T-shirt pledges, you’ll have to send any donations to RADF by snail-mail.  Sorry!  (Coach Terry has learned a lot doing all this, but he’s not ready to set up on-line donations yet . . . .  Plus we’re not such pro’s at this that we could absolutely guarantee someone couldn’t hack in and steal credit card numbers.)  If you want to help us buy more T-shirts, please send a tax-deductible contribution to Racing Against Diabetes Foundation at:



P.O. Box 86301

San Diego, CA 92138-6301


We’ll send you back an acknowledgement for tax purposes, and a RADF membership certificate—and our sincere thanks!




Why free T-shirts? 


—Because when you wear yourI’m RAD” T-shirt, you’re committed!  You won’t let yourself be a couch potato when you wear it, and you’ll get support from everyone who sees it!

Plus you’ll help get the message out—that we all need to start training to win the Race Against Diabetes!






“Join Us” Q&A’s


Why join us? 


·          Prevent diabetes or diabetes complications for yourself and your family.

·          Help us prevent the diabetes epidemic—save the country!

·         Get a free T-shirt—hey, that’s OK with us if that’s your reason to join us:  you’ll train and help us get the message out to others when you wear it.


How can I join the RAD Team?


·          Form your own RAD team and train!  Recruit your family and friends to ride/walk/exercise/train with you, because no one can train alone.  We need each other!  We can win the Race Against Diabetes if we all help each other!  We’re all on the team!

·          Send us your pledge to train—we’ll send you a RAD T-shirt free.  (See “Free T-shirts!” in the box on the right.)

·          Wear that RAD T-shirt and help save the country!  Wearing that shirt and telling everyone you’re training goes a long way, both for you and for everyone you tell.  We’re all in the race, whether we like it or not!

·          Ask us for free coaching advice by e-mail.  You’re on the team!

·          You can donate to RADF to buy more T-shirts to give away to others.  (See below.)  We’ll send you a RADF membership certificate.  You’re on the team!

·          Come out and cheer for Coach Patty during the Race Across America—her half of the 2007 RAD Tour of America.  You’re on the team!

·          Come out and talk to Coach Terry during his return half of the RAD Tour—and help pull him across the country too!  You’re on the team!

·         Help us us get media attention, or public attention, for the message that everyone needs to start racing against diabetes.  And wear that T-shirt!


What’s it cost to join the RAD Team?


·          Nothing.  Zip!  We’re doing this to get everyone training, not to collect money!  Send us your pledge to train—we’ll send you a T-shirt free.


Can I donate to RADF?


·          OK, contributions are good, so that we can expand the team by giving away more T-shirts until everyone in the country has one!  Our freeT-shirt program is a big part of our plan to get everyone training.

·          Contributions are tax-deductible (IRS will grant 501c3 status shortly, backdated to January 2006), and your contrbutions will only be used to buy more T-shirts. 

·          If you donate to RADF we’ll send you a RADF membership certificate and an acknowledgement for tax purposes.   (You’ll also get our sincere appreciation . . . and the appreciation of 300 million Americans when we save the country together!)

·          RADF funds will also be used for mailing flyers and buying and mailing T‑shirts, but Coach Terry and Coach Patty’s own contributions paid for a color printer and a scanner to save costs at Staples/Kinko’s, and their contributions will continue to cover everything except more and more T‑shirts (at least until corporate sponsors join us for advertising or events).  Coaches Terry and Patty personally paid for the 2006 RAAM event, and will personally pay for all of the 2007 RADF Tour.  (RADF uses their computers, house, phone & Internet for free—along with the new way‑expensive camera they just bought to help publicize the 2007 Tour better.) 

·          RADF will never pay salaries.  We’re grass-roots, and we’re committed to winning the race!  (—Sorry to run on about how RADF will use its funds, but we recently saw the salaries of CEOs of charitable organizations we’ve given a lot of money to in the past, and we’re disenchanted . . . .  See if you’re curious.)


How will this help kids avoid diabetes?


·          Aw, gosh . . . that’s a rhetorical question, isn’t it . . . ?  You’ve figured that out long since—we not only have to show our kids what to do, we have to do it with them.  Your kids are part of your team ( . . . even when they don’t act like they’re on the team . . . ), and you have to lead the team!  But they’ll get excited when they see you training!


We can win the race against diabetes!

We must!

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