The Epidemic:  Diabetes!


One-third of adults in the U.S. are now

diabetic or pre-diabetic—and the number is going up fast!

Worse yet—now many kids will get Type 2 diabetes! 


20-22 million people in the U.S. have diabetes today—

but that’ll be 100 million and more very soon,

unless we change everything!


Diabetes can and does cause kidney failure, blindness, amputations,

heart disease, nerve damage . . . and more.


Diabetes affects everyone, but especially the families of diabetics.

Diabetes far too often becomes a miserable, long ugly way to die!


We’re all in a race against diabetes, and we’re losing badly! 

We need to change that before it breaks the country!!



The Cure:  Training!


Diabetes can be prevented in most cases by exercise and smart eating. 


If you’re already diabetic, exercise and smart eating can prevent

the complications of diabetes.


Start training for the race against diabetes! 

Form a family Racing Against Diabetes team, or a team of friends,

and help each other train as athletes, for the race of their lives!


        Form a team!!  Together we can win the race against diabetes!


Racing Against Diabetes


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