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Here’s Why



15-22 million people in the U.S. have diabetes—but it gets worse—much worse:


One in every three babies born in the U.S. today will get diabetes in their lifetime—and now many will get “adult-onset” diabetes as kids!  We can—and must—change that!!


Diabetes can and  does cause kidney failure, blindness, amputations, heart disease, nerve damage . . . and more.


Diabetes is the 5th leading cause of death in the U.S., not counting its contribution to heart disease, the #1 killer.


Diabetes hurts everyone, but especially the families of diabetics.


The epidemic rise in incidence of diabetes in the U.S. comes from our failure to get into training to race against it.  Most cases of diabetes can be prevented by very moderate weight loss.



What Next?  —The 2007 RAD Tour of America:


OK . . . how do we get everyone’s attention about the epidemic.  How do we start a revolution?


We bike-raced the Race Across America in 2006 as a two-person team—but didn’t get to stop and talk about preventing diabetes.  So beginning June 10, 2007, Patty will race the RAAM solo from Oceanside CA to Atlantic City NJ, to get attention for Racing Against Diabetes, and because she’s crazy enough to try it.  Patty will definitely need your help cheering her on during the RAAM!


Then Terry will drive and ride back across the country and stop to meet everyone he can, and talk about preventing the diabetes epidemic.  He also wants you to join him for a short ride—and maybe finish with a sprint?!



Well . . . that’s this year’s plan.  Think it’ll work? 


It’s the “good next step” we can manage this year, at least.  (Remember Coaches Terry and Patty are paying for the Tour from their own pockets—plus they have full-time jobs.  So that’s it for this year.)  We hope it’ll get a lot of people a chance to learn how to prevent the epidemic—and that it’ll get a lot of teams started.  Publicity sure won’t hurt, so we’re hoping to get as much of that as we can—we do have to start a revolution!


During “Stage Two” of the 2007 RAD Tour of America, Terry wants to meet you and talk about preventing the diabetes epidemic, and he also hopes you’ll do a short ride with him, and maybe sprint with him if you want to beat a slow, old guy.  (Watch out--he’s trying to set you up here . . . !)  We’ll need your help to line up someone in every city, town, and crossroad—and every church, clinic and bike shop.


We’ll give away T-shirts to everyone who pledges to train with their team—until we run out of T-shirts.  –We’ll probably have to mail the T-shirts out when we’re home, so we don’t have to lug them across the country.   (You can help us buy more T-shirts to give away, so we don’t run out of T-shirts until everyone has one—that’s part of how we’ll win the Race Against Diabetes.  Please see our “Join Us!” page if you can help that way.)


Patty’s route in the RAAM is set—it’s the same as last year’s RAAM.  She’ll start from Oceanside, California on Sunday, June 10th, and has to finish in Atlantic City, New Jersey  by Friday, June 22nd.  You can see why she’ll need your cheering along the way!   –Here’s a rough map of the route, and here’s a spreadsheet of expected arrival times along the route.  Realistically, Patty should be just making the “Solo Last Arrival Times” listed—hey, she’s 60 years old, give her a break!  (Note that the times are all listed in Eastern Daylight Time, so you’ll have to convert them until she gets to the Eastern time zone.)  Please come out and cheer her on!


Terry finally found time to plan a route and daily schedule for his New Jersey-to-San Diego ride home:  click here to see it.  We’re also sending out flyers to clinics and bike shops in the towns Terry will go through, to try to get help meeting everyone along the way. 






We think you can tell:  we’re serious about doing this to get you and everyone training for the race of our lives, the Race Against Diabetes.


We can win the race against diabetes!

We must!

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