Train for the Race Against Diabetes! 


Training Tips to Prevent or Survive Diabetes


You already know these basics . . . so . . . how can we make this work? 

--You have to train like an athlete for this race, you have to form a team to train together,

and you must tell everyone you know that you’re committed to training to win the race against diabetes!


_Exercise!       At least five times a week, 30 minutes each time.  But more is better!  You’re in a race against diabetes—train like an athlete for the race!  Join us training:    


Make exercise time your social time.  Form a family team, or a team of friends, and schedule training with them at the same time every day.  Save your family and friends from getting diabetes too!  Ride, run, walk fast—as a team! 


Keep training shoes at work, so you can walk briskly at breaks or lunch.  Train like the athlete you can be!


Tell everyone you’re an athlete in training—that you’re training for the race against diabetes.  Commit to your family and friends that you’re going to win the race!


Buy a bike and ride with your team—or buy a really good stationary bike or a treadmill and ride/walk on it every day the entire hour you watch Oprah!  That’s five hours of exercise a week!  Spin fast with only moderate tension, or walk fast, and get your heart rate up.  Speaking of heart rate, buy a heart rate monitor and wear it.  It’s self-motivating!


Get together with friends on a bike ride or a fast walk, instead of at a restaurant for two hours.  Form a Racing Against Diabetes team with your friends and your family, and train together!


Join a gym, talk to folks there to make friends, so they’ll expect to see you there.  Or go to exercise classes and let someone order you around—but make friends there, too, so they’ll expect you to show up!

_Eat smart!    Food is just fuel.  You only need to eat as much as you use.  But to lose weight, you’re going to have to use stored fuel.


The “smart” part means you’re going to have to be smarter than your tongue or your tummy or the marketers who’ll try to make you think some fat food is worth dying for . . . .


You have a choice - which would you rather have, supersized French fries or your toes?  Or kidneys?  Or sight?  “Ask yourself this question:  Do I feel lucky today?”  (Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry.)  Ask yourself, do I really think I can avoid kidney failure, blindness, heart disease, amputations, if I keep eating this way?    . . . Diabetes can be a really miserable, long, ugly way to die.   Training’s much more fun than that . . . !


You know the basics:  Don’t skip meals.  Do eat breakfast.  Eat a smart snack like an apple or a cup of low-fat yogurt between meals.  Put small portions on your plate.  Eat slower.  Reduce the amount of fat you eat.  Finish eating by 7:00 p.m.  And skip the buffet restaurant. 


Drink enough water and get enough sleep.  Being dehydrated or tired is easily confused with being hungry.


If you’re having a lot of trouble about eating, weigh your food and write down everything you eat for a week.  That’ll change things!


If you’re not diabetic, don’t let yourself get it!  You don’t really need ice cream/candy/chips every day—or at all.   Think about your fuel needs and choose how you want to live and die.  You’re too tough to let diabetes get you!



It’s not hopeless, and it’s not too late!  You know how to lose weight—and we all know it’s not easy! 

Focus on training like an athlete with your kids, your whole family and your friends! 

You can avoid diabetes if you don’t have it, and avoid its complications if you already have it! 

You can do this!!


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