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Ø       RACING AGAINST DIABETES (RAD) is the campaign of Racing

Against Diabetes Foundation, Inc. (RADF).  IRS will recognize RADF as a 501c3

tax-exempt charitable organization shortly.  (Contributions are tax deductible.)


Ø       RADF was started in 2006 by Terry Dutton and Patty Riddle. 


Ø      Terry’s the World’s Luckiest Man because he’s had diabetes for 40 years,

and he’s still alive and kicking.  Terry is the official RAD cheerleader.

Terry doesn’t want you to get diabetes. 


Ø       Patty has been fighting Terry’s diabetes as his support crew for 30 years.  Patty’s Ph.D. thesis studied factors that influence people to exercise;  Patty—Dr. Riddle—also taught nutrition classes.  Patty doesn’t want you to get diabetes. 


Ø       RADF is about prevention through training and teamwork, not fundraising.  RADF—the Foundation—will never pay any salaries to its directors or officers. 

The 2007 Tour of America expenses and RAAM ’06 expenses were paid entirely out of Terry and Patty’s pockets.  Until we come up with a better idea to get everyone training, contributions will be used only to purchase more T-shirts to give away!




Ø      RADF’s purpose is to prevent the epidemic of diabetes, and also to prevent

complications of diabetes for those who already have it.  If we all train like athletes, we can win the race against diabetes!


Ø      RADF will help us form teams and start training . . . by, among other things, giving awayI’m Racing Against DiabetesT-shirts to get everyone training . . . . 


Ø      What we all need to do is:  (1) form a team; (2) train with the team; and (3) express our commitment to training, to everyone we know.  (Pledge to do

those things, and we’ll give you an I’m Racing Against DiabetesT-shirt.  See our Join Us page to make that pledge.)


Ø       You can also get free coaching and cheerleading from Terry and Patty—see our Coaches/Trainers page, and also our Exercise, Prevention, and Training Tips pages.



Ø       Now!!  Today!!  . . . Or at least this week . . . please?!  We have to show our kids how to do this.  We have to do this with our kids.  Before it’s too late!!



Ø       Outdoors, on bikes or on foot.  Indoors—stationary bikes, treadmills, anything!  At home.  At work.  Everywhere across the U.S. 





Ø       Because diabetes will cause so much misery, and will break first the entire health care system and then the entire country!


Ø       Because diabetes already causes 82,000 lower-leg amputations a year in the U.S.—and 44,000 new cases of kidney failure, and 12‑22,000 new cases of blindness.  Those figures will be multiplied if we don’t stop the epidemic!


Ø       Because the ones we’ll hurt the most if we don’t prevent diabetes—if we don’t train—are our families, our loved ones!


Ø       Because diabetes can be prevented!


Ø      Because we want you not to get diabetes, and if you already have it, we want you not to suffer its “complications”! 


We can win the race against diabetes!

We must!


The Facts:

15-22 million people in the U.S. have diabetes—but it gets worse—much worse:


One in every three babies born in the U.S. today will get diabetes in their lifetime—and now many will get “adult-onset” diabetes as kids!  We can—and must—change that!!


Diabetes can and  does cause kidney failure, blindness, amputations, heart disease, nerve damage . . . and more.


Diabetes is the 5th leading cause of death in the U.S., not counting its contribution to heart disease, the #1 killer.


Diabetes hurts everyone, but especially the families of diabetics.


The epidemic rise in incidence of diabetes in the U.S. comes from our failure to get into training to race against it.  Most cases of diabetes can be prevented by very moderate weight loss.



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