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Racing Against Diabetes Foundation, Inc.

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We’re all in a race against

diabetes!  We can win the race

if we help each other

exercise and eat smart!




The diabetes epidemic is hereDiabetes is the only major disease for which the death rate is rising!Diabetes isnt just a matter of taking pills or insulin. For too many it means amputated feet, kidney failure, going blind, . . . and dying miserably. Worse yet, it’s a matter of making our loved ones watch us lose our feet, our kidneys, our sight!


· The U.S. is in a race against diabetes, and we’re losing badly!  One-third of adults in the U.S. are already diabetic or pre-diabetic and that’s getting worse fast!  The epidemic will break the entire U.S. health care system and millions of lives & families.


· Every day 33-60 of our family and friends go blind, 120 get kidney failure, and 225 have lower-limbs amputated as a result of diabetes.

· But here’s the good news!  Diabetes and its complications can be prevented in most cases.




Diabetes is already an  epidemic.

But diabetes and its horrible

consequences can be  prevented by  exercising and eating smart.  We all need to team up with our families and friends to train for the race against diabetes!  Why does training together work?  Because  it’s fun!


Racing Against Diabetes


Team Up to

Prevent Diabetes!


So what’s this about “Racing”?  When is the race?

Racing” refers to the race we’re all in, right now—the race to avoid getting diabetes, the race to avoid its complications if we already have it, the race to stop a worldwide epidemic of diabetes.  “Racing” also signifies the urgency for preventing diabetes before it ruins our own lives, and before it ends up breaking millions upon millions of hearts.  We can win the race against diabetes if we all start training together.  It works because it’s fun! 

“Training”? You mean “workouts”? Are you kidding?

Don’t let the sports lingo scare you off.  “Training” and “workouts” are whatever you can do.  That’s walking for some of us, bike-riding or swimming or running for others, and chair-dancing for still others of us.  But we talk about “training” like athletes preparing for a big race because, like those athletes, we find time to exercise when we’ve scheduled the “workouts” and when we have the fun of doing them together with our team.  And like athletes training for their big race, we’ll eat smarter when we have the support of our team, and when we’ve committed to winning the race!

About RAD

In 2003 CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program study confirmed that moderate exercise and healthy eating can prevent most cases of diabetes. Terry, who’s the World’s Luckiest Man because he’s had diabetes since 1966 and he’s still healthy, knew he had to do something to help all of us learn how we can find time to exercise, and find motivation to “eat smart.”  So Terry and Patty started Racing Against Diabetes to tell everyone the secret:  it’s “Teamwork” and fun—because exercise is fun when we do it together, and because we all need support about our eating.  . . . And anyway, Terry was tired of doing walks “for” diabetes when he wanted to race against it!

RADF  is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Monetary contributions are invited; they will never be used for any administrative expenses.  RADF will always be “grass-roots”—we’ll never have to chase funding to pay big salaries (or any salaries!) or expenses.  Cofounders Terry and Patty and other volunteers will always pay their own expenses out of their own personal funds.  We’re doing this because we don’t want any more of us to get diabetes or its terrible consequences!